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IMC Association
Need to know more about the International Management Centres Association? Then visit the information centre.

IMCA Online Campus
The online campus offers all the resources needed for an associate to undertake and complete their programme.

Global Action Research Centre (GARC)
GARC is the home of IMCA's Doctoral Programmes.

IMCA Socrates
IMCA Socrates is the workplace action learning system for management development and professional certification.


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Revans University

Revans University is dedicated to providing local and Internet Resourced Undergraduate and Graduate programs. Our mission is to play an innovative and progressive role in the lifelong development of professional practicing managers, supervisors and leaders globally.

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What's unique about Revans University?

Our program focuses on work based projects targeting personal career as well as corporate company objectives. Associates (students) work with a group of professional peers and receive the support of tutors, advisers and facilitators.

What does this mean for your career?


Through collaboration with a worldwide network of individuals and enterprises, programs are developed which foster academic and career success for working professionals.

Five key benefits


Revans University offers a range of programs including individual course offerings through Bachelor and Master degrees. Courses are designed for continuing professional development on an individual, in-company and organizational basis.

Are you up to the challenge?    

The Faculty

Faculty members are the heart of  Revans University  learning programs, whether in face-to -face workshops or Cyber Sets. Tutors work to facilitate Action Learning with groups of forward thinking professionals.

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Revans University was created to recognize and further the impact of Action Learning in the workplace. The International Management Centers Association (IMCA), a global leader in Action Learning, sponsors Revans University.

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IMC Association

The University is sponsored by the International Management Centres Association, the world's leading global Action Learning association. All who commence our University programs automatically gain immediate gratis access to IMCA professional services as Associate Members.

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