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I apply to the Councils for admission to the appropriate membership and understand the requirements of IMCA that I must necessarily maintain continued professional development as a Member and abide by the Articles, Ordinances and Regulations, most particularly Article 25 and Regulations 1(20), 2 and 3(11) set out below. I understand that Faculty membership entails payment of an Entrance Fee on successful election by the Professional and Academic Board to cover action learning induction and I understand that an entrance fee of £5.25/ 16 US Dollars is included in the faculty membership fee.

I further understand that my acceptance as a Member within IMCA England which is a corporation noble and company Limited by Guarantee implies I am willing to contribute £10.50/16 US Dollars now to be held in trust from my faculty membership fee, for use in the event of liquidation of the Company, such sum being my guarantee and the full extent of my personal liability and each 1st July to pay such annual subscription (see Conspectus-Article 17) in return for continuing benefits provided at such rates as the Council shall determine from time to time, in default of which my membership will lapse. Benefits include, inter alia , on line access to Library Services with full text retrieval of articles.

Finally, I understand that as a Member I am required to present every five years a submission to the Registrar on any Continuing Professional Renewal and Development if my membership is to continue under the conditions laid down by the Council from time to time.

I hereby authorize the Council to use the details specifically provided for that purpose in promotional materials issued from time to time on the understanding that the details given above may be updated on a regular basis by myself and held on its computerized database, but that at all times the Council shall insure due protection of such information.

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This section MUST be completed. A reference should normally be an Employer, Supervisor, Tutor or current member of the Faculty

The applicant is personally known to me. To the best of my knowledge their particulars given on this form are correct.

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 From the Conspectus 

Academic Freedom
No Faculty Member or Member shall be constrained whatsoever in the expression of his own views and opinions within or beyond IMCA at any time and the Professional and Academic Board in perpetuity is charged to ensure that such freedom is preserved subject only to Articles 11 and 16, except that information gained as a Member of a confidential or commercial nature shall at no time be disclosed or exploited howsoever without proper authority.

Article 25


Protection of Confidential Information
All Faculty members are prohibited under Article 25 from disclosing any confidential information which they may receive as a result of the conduct of their duties without proper authority and a declaration of understanding to this effect and personal responsibility for any breach of this requirement shall be signed by all Faculty members at the time of their application and that signature shall constitute IMCA's and the University's guarantee of confidentiality to all its clients howsoever.

Regulation 1.21


Fair Trading
No Faculty member whether full-time or fractional may offer additional services to any client howsoever to whom he has been introduced by Ordinance 11 Partners or IMCA or any agent or representative of them howsoever except that they are conducted through IMCA and the University nor may any such arrangement be made less than two years after any individual ceases to be a Faculty member and all Faculty members shall be required as a condition of election to the Faculty of IMCA and the University to sign an undertaking to these effects and to abide by it.

Regulation 3.11



You will certainly need to know something about our organization, our distinctive action learning approach to management development, the sort of people whom we are seeking as tutors and the potential benefits, as far as you are concerned.


The success of Action Learning with adult managers is due in no small part to the quality of our tutors. In electing new Faculty members, we are looking for more than knowledge and experience in a particular field; we are looking for the potential to be good action learning tutors, which includes:

  • Flexibility
  • Sensitivity to people and percipience
  • Ability to communicate with individuals in a language which they will understand and patience
  • Conceptual ability and general quickness of mind
  • Tolerance of uncertainty
  • Frankness and openness

    and, of course, we must all be:

    • Committed to the principles and practice of Action Learning
      and have
    • An overwhelming desire to help others to learn rather than to teach them.


As well as being willing to practise the qualities and acquire the abilities of a good tutor, tutors must also:

  • Attend professional development sessions, specifically formal induction on appointment to Faculty and on a regular basis thereafter.
  • Commit to keeping abreast of professional developments.
  • Receive and act on constructive appraisal of your tutorial contribution.
  • Interact with other members of Faculty as part of a learning organization at official events such as the Annual Professional Congress and the Annual Graduation Congregation when degrees of membership are ceremonially conferred.


A member of Faculty is normally paid an appropriate day rate fee for tutoring a Set. On qualification programs days will be allocated to:

  • Meet with the other tutors and the Set Adviser during the program Start-Up.
  • Prepare for and run your contribution.
  • Supervise and mark dissertation and thesis projects.

Course tutors also act as internal examiners of assignments and give feedback on them to agreed service levels. Before you commence working on a program, you will be given a formal agreement.


You will undoubtedly find that rewards other than financial flow from:

  • Sharing your knowledge and experience and putting your beliefs into practice.
  • Knowing that you have helped Associates (our term for students) to become visibly more effective managers.
  • Stimulating and being challenged by Associates' and colleagues' thinking.
  • Bridging the gap between the academic body of knowledge and practice.
  • Having the opportunity to develop personally by following our Certificate/Advanced Diploma in Action Learning gratis.
  • Having the opportunity to take advantage of Faculty Scholarships.


  • Receive immediate and continuing professional development in the theory and practice of Action Learning, Learning to Learn, Learning Quality Assurance and Career Development for Managers.
  • Have the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals from our academic and professional community on both informal and formal occasions - such as the Annual Graduation Congregation, Annual Professional Congress and Faculty Workshops.
  • Be required to review your own career and professional development every five years.
  • Be fully conversant with the Internet.

    • Action Learning frameworks and supporting literature in your areas of expertise and across a wide spectrum of management.
    • Access to the online Virtual Libraries from Ebsco.
    • Access to all our other Faculty, Graduates and Associates worldwide and within Sets via the Internet for Faculty, tutorial and research activities.
    • Our regular Members' electronic newsletter.