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Regulation 12. Payment of fees

  1. All Associates or their sponsoring organizations shall be invoiced for their full fees at the time when they accept the offer of a place on the programme. Such fees shall become due for payment six weeks before the commencement of the programme.
  2. At the discretion of the Treasurers of IMCA and the University, an alternative phased payment schedule for a particular programme of studies may be agreed in writing with Associates and will be attached to the invoice. Phased payments will attract such premiums as the Treasurers shall determine from time to time over and above the published fees.

  3. Late payments shall attract an immediate penalty of 5 per cent plus an additional penalty of 1 per cent per month on the outstanding sum.

  4. Any Associate who fails to pay within three months after any sum is due shall be expelled from the programme and assessment procedures. If payment is subsequently made, any written work which is submitted and was due in the expulsion period will be treated under Regulation 8 as if it were late.

  5. The final payment of any phased scheme shall be made before the last submission of written work is made. If such fees are not paid the date of the payment of the final fee shall be regarded as being the date of submission of the final assignment and if late shall be penalised under Regulation 8.

  6. No Associate may graduate until the Graduation fee, gown hire or purchase fees, and the fees for entrance, guarantee and membership of IMCA and the University for the first year have been paid in full.

  7. The fees approved by the Councils from time to time for studies leading to all awards shall always be fully inclusive.

  8. The Councils accept and guarantee at all times to implement the following Business Standards in respect of individual Associates concerning Refunds and any cancellations. Specifically this means that:

    1. Associates who cancel within the first 5 days after application and payment is received are entitled to a full refund of all fees paid.
    2. Once an Associate has enrolled for any programme but prior to commencement of Start-up, IMCA and the University may retain only a maximum registration fee of 100.

    3. Up to and including the completion of Start-up sessions, 10 per cent of tuition fees, less 100, is due.

    4. After completing Start-up and up to and including 25 per cent of tutorial sessions, 25 per cent of tuition fees, less 100, is due.

    5. After completing more than 25 per cent of tutorial sessions and up to and including 50 per cent of tutorial sessions, 50 per cent of tuition fees, less 100, is due.

    6. Once an Associate completes more than half of the tutorial sessions, the full tuition fees are due.

  9. In the case of any dispute arising under this Regulation, it should be referred in the first instance for resolution by the Chairmen of the Councils and if agreement is not forthcoming then to the auditors of IMCA or Revans University - The University of Action Learning whose independent decision shall be binding on all parties.

  10. Notwithstanding the terms set out in (8) above, where IMCA and Revans University - The University of Action Learning  enters into specific programme agreements with any organization to sponsor minimum numbers of Associates on a programme, the terms and conditions of that formal agreement shall apply and no refunds shall be available except as authorised by such agreement and cancellation charges shall only be payable if forming part of the terms and conditions of such agreement.

  11. Whensoever any Associate has failed to complete satisfactorily all assignments when his Set undergoes its viva voce examinations, except for certified medical reasons, additional fees for continuation of studies and separate late examination shall be payable as prescribed by the Councils.
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